Vintage Blush


The “Vintage Blush” floral arrangement from our Floral Studio, Hare Curated, embodies the luxurious essence of bespoke floral design. This opulent creation features an exquisite selection of blooms, meticulously arranged to capture the heart of vintage elegance with a contemporary twist. Anchored in a uniquely crafted compote with a matte charcoal finish, the design is both modern and timeless.


The container, measuring 200mm in outer diameter and 180mm in height, presents a stunning contrast with its sleek charcoal exterior and water-tight sealed interior. Available for rent, this compote enhances the arrangement’s exclusivity, though purchase options are also available, which will impact the final price then for this design.


“Vintage Blush” is artfully composed of Le Peony Roses in Cream/Peach, Cluster Roses in Creamy Blush, along with an intricate mix of Astrantia, Anthurium, and dual-toned Carnations. Adding depth are accents of Cockscomb in Purple, Stocks in Purple, and a delightful range of Lisianthus in shades of Pink, Peach Blush, and White + Pink. Each element is carefully selected to contribute to a harmonious palette that whispers sophistication and refined taste.


Ideal for high-end events, and corporate settings, as a captivating centrepiece in luxurious interiors, or as part of a tablescape for lunch. “Vintage Blush” is more than just a floral arrangement—it is a statement of artistry and elegance. Its bespoke nature makes it a perfect choice for those seeking exclusive, high-quality floral designs in Johannesburg. This masterpiece is not just an arrangement but an experience, delivered with unparalleled creativity and care by our Floral Studio, Hare Curated.