Verdant Elegance


The “Verdant Elegance” floral design by our floral studio, Hare Curated, is a contemporary, luxurious, and sophisticated bouquet that is part of your bespoke luxury collection. This arrangement is a bouquet-only design, meaning it is typically presented without a container, allowing the natural beauty and structure of the flowers to stand out. However, for those who desire a complete presentation, Hare Curated offers the option to rent or purchase a suitable container from a selection available on your website, which complements the design’s aesthetic.


The bouquet features a rich and harmonious colour palette that includes shades of pink, purple, white, and green. These colours work together to create a visually appealing and balanced display that exudes elegance and sophistication. The arrangement is anchored by the large, green Anthurium, which provides a striking contrast glossy and lush backdrop to the delicate and intricate blooms.


The floral selection includes a variety of textures, shapes, and sizes that contribute to the depth and movement within the arrangement. The Astrantias add a touch of whimsy with their star-like shape, while the Mic Daisies bring a classic, cheerful, and delicate linear element. The pink Snapdragons introduce height and a soft, vertical line to the design, complemented by the elegant white and pink Lisianthus that add a ruffled texture.


The cream-coloured Cluster Roses provide a soft and romantic touch, and their clustered blooms create a sense of fullness. The Green Trick Dianthus offers a unique spherical texture with its dense, moss-like appearance. The purple Celosia Feather adds an exotic flair with its plume-like structure, and the white Chrysanthemum Spray contributes to the bouquet’s overall volume and freshness.


Additional layers of colour and texture are provided by the pink and purple Lisianthus, which offer a graceful and flowing aspect. The purple Carnations bring a deep and rich hue, while the white and maroon Mini Carnations, Vintage Carnations, and Baby Pink Carnations introduce a variety of pink tones that range from soft to vibrant.


The expert craftsmanship of our Floral Studio, Hare Curated, is evident in the arrangement’s composition, where each flower is thoughtfully placed to create a cohesive and dynamic design. The “Verdant Elegance” bouquet is a testament to the studio’s ability to curate a symphony of blooms that not only complement each other but also create an overall impression of lushness and refined beauty.