Trésors Florals


The “Trésors Florals” arrangement by our Floral Studio, Hare Curated, is a luxurious and meticulously crafted floral design that exudes elegance and sophistication. This bespoke piece is part of your studio’s luxury collection and is presented in a stylish wine-red hat box, with splashes of pink and beige and a touch of gold, which serves as a unique and fashionable container, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the arrangement. However, for those seeking a more sustainable option, the design can also be accommodated in a glass cylinder vase measuring 150mm by 150mm, which can be purchased with the arrangement or rented to reduce the overall cost. Please enquire what the reduced cost is with the rental container and the arrangement.


The floral composition is a harmonious blend of various blooms and foliage, each chosen for its colour, texture, and form to create a visually striking display. The dominant flowers in the arrangement are the large, full hydrangeas in soft shades of pink and white, which provide a lush and voluminous base. Complementing the hydrangeas are delicate Astrantia and large Anthuriums, which introduce an exotic touch with their unique shapes and textures.


Adding to the arrangement’s depth and variety are stocks in peach dusty and purple hues, which contribute a vintage feel with their tall, clustered blooms. The arrangement also features carnations in vintage and purple shades, as well as mini carnations in white with maroon accents, offering a rich contrast and intricate detail to the design.


The Green Trick dianthus stands out with its spherical, moss-like appearance, while the Lisianthus in shades of pink, peach blush, and white add a soft, ruffled elegance. The blush red Leucadendron provides a subtle hint of colour and texture, and the inclusion of Eurogreen introduces an element of the South African landscape, adding a touch of wildness and natural beauty.


Overall, the “Trésors Florals” arrangement is a testament to the artistry and attention to detail of our Floral Studio, which Hare Curated is known for. It is a luxurious and enchanting floral display that is sure to captivate and impress, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a statement with their floral décor, as a gift, or an accent to a space or tablescape.