Tapisserie d’Amour


The ‘Tapisserie d’Amour’ floral design by our floral studio Hare Curated is a luxurious and intricate arrangement that exudes a sense of romance and sophistication. This bespoke creation is a harmonious blend of both vibrant and soft hues, carefully selected to create a cohesive and visually stunning display.


The main colour theme of the Tapisserie d’Amour is a delicate balance of blues, pinks, and peach tones, accented with touches of white and purple. The use of various shades of hydrangeas, ranging from whitish-lime green, and whitish-blue to whitish-pink, forms the foundation of the colour palette, providing a soft and dreamy backdrop. The blue delphinium hybrids add depth with their rich, saturated colour, while the Lisianthus flowers in shades of white, pink, and peach blush introduce a gentle contrast and warmth to the arrangement.


The inclusion of purple stocks adds a regal touch, complementing the peach dusty stocks that infuse a subtle, earthy elegance. Astrantia contributes to the texture and intricacy of the design, while the green trick dianthus offers a fresh, verdant accent that highlights the other colours.


Vintage and purple carnations bring a classic and timeless element to the Tapisserie d’Amour, their ruffled petals adding a sense of luxury and abundance. The container, a footed ceramic fruit bowl, is available for rent exclusively with this floral design, serving as the perfect vessel to showcase the opulent and carefully curated selection of blooms. The bowl itself measures 290mm in diameter at its outer edge and 240mm in diameter on the inside, with a total height of 175mm. This size allows for a generous display of the selected blooms, providing ample space for the arrangement to breathe and for each flower to be appreciated in its full glory.


To enhance its durability and ensure its suitability for holding such a luxurious floral arrangement, the interior of the bowl has been sealed for water tightness. This sealing process ensures that the container can safely hold water, nourishing the blooms and extending their freshness. The exterior of the bowl has been painted in a sophisticated French Blue, a colour choice that complements the floral hues and adds an additional layer of elegance to the overall presentation.


Overall, the Tapisserie d’Amour by our Floral Studio Hare Curated is a testament to the studio’s expertise in colour theory and floral design, creating an arrangement that is both enchanting and memorable. The design is a celebration of love and beauty, captured through the language of flowers and their mesmerizing hues. This combination of functional design and aesthetic appeal makes the footed ceramic fruit bowl an integral part of the Tapisserie d’Amour experience, reflecting Hare Curated’s commitment to excellence in every detail of its bespoke luxury collection.