Le Meilleur de la Nature


The floral design titled “Le Meilleur de la Nature” from our Floral Studio Hare Curated is a luxurious and bespoke arrangement that exudes vibrancy and elegance, with its bounty of blooms with just a bit of greenery. This lush composition is presented in a unique, tapered rectangular wooden container measuring 360mm by 140mm at the top, which adds a natural and rustic charm to the overall design. This container is rented from our studio, it can be included if this is to be gifted but at a different price point please enquire.


The arrangement is a rich tapestry of colours and textures, featuring a curated selection of high-quality blooms that create a harmonious visual display. The anthuriums provide a glossy, tropical touch with their heart-shaped flowers and prominent spadix. Mic daisies add a delicate and whimsical element with their small, star-like flowers.


The Delphiniums Hybrid Blue stand tall with their striking spikes of deep blue flowers, contributing a sense of height and drama to the arrangement. Snapdragon’s Pink brings a playful and vertical aspect with its clustered blooms along the stem. Lisianthus Purple offers a soft, ruffled texture and a deep, romantic hue.


Roses in cream and blush tones infuse the design with classic beauty and softness, while the Green and Purple Cockscomb add an intriguing, velvety texture with their crested heads. The Carnation Purple and Vintage varieties, along with Baby Pink Carnations, introduce a traditional and nostalgic feel with their full, frilled petals.


The Green Trick Dianthus stands out with its spherical, moss-like blooms, providing an unexpected and modern twist. Mini White/Maroon Carnations add depth with their two-toned petals. The Lisianthus White + Pink and Lisianthus Pink contribute to the soft, pastel palette, while the Chrysanthemums Spray White offers a fresh, crisp contrast.


Completing the arrangement are subtle touches of texture of Ruscus, Designer Eucalyptus, and Grevilia all versatile greenery that adds a lush backdrop and fills the design with their leaves.


“Le Meilleur de la Nature” is a testament to the skill and artistry of our floral designers at Hare Curated, showcasing their ability to blend a variety of textures, colours, and bloom types into a cohesive and captivating display that celebrates the best of nature’s offerings.